Your Stint with Just Dreams is Incomplete without Visiting the Numerous Volcanoes
May 11th, 2015 by HappyPeople

Hawaii is well known for its volcanoes. A visit to Hawaii is incomplete without visiting at least a few volcanoes in Hawaii. When you go to Hawaii you should make sure that you do not miss out on a visit to a volcano. The sheer beauty of the place will take you to another world and the feeling is so heavenly you may not want to come back to the earth. Make sure Just Dreams Hawaii includes a visit to the famous volcanoes in your trip.

An Incomplete Trip Without Visiting Volcanoes

Going by the history of Hawaii it is said that Hawaii is an island country and is made up of many volcanoes. Your trip to Hawaii will be considered incomplete if you do not visit the volcanoes it has. This is a well known fact. This will be confirmed by the observations made by the visitors in Just Dreams Review. Make sure your travel agent includes a few volcanic spots in the locations of your visit. You cannot come back home with an incomplete tour. Yes the trip will sound incomplete if you do not visit the famous spots of the place and Hawaii has some volcanoes worth seeing. The experience can be got only once in a life time and so if you miss out on it you have got yourself only to blame and repent for this folly all your life.

No Use Repenting Later In Life

Maybe you cannot make it to Hawaii a second time. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a chance to spend on a long vacation. So make the most of it when you have the chance of visiting some of the exotic places on earth and particularly in Hawaii. The beaches and the volcanoes are the best attractions of this island. If you are not taken to any such places you should insist on being taken there as planned. There is no point in repenting for it later in life for losing the opportunity got.

A Well Planned Trip Is The Best

Make your plans far ahead of the trip. Take as much information about the place from the net and books. Let the travel agent know that you are aware of the place and you need only their help to make it a memorable trip and not be just a part of their scam. If you have an inkling that you are being cheated and not taken to the spots or locations promised you can put your foot down and insist on being taken to the volcanoes, the best of the places in Hawaii. Hence there will not be any room for repenting if you make plans and follow them well. Also you will be sure it is some hearsay of Just Dreams Scam which is spread to tarnish a good company.

Just Dreams Hawaii: A Perfect Place For Partners
May 28th, 2013 by HappyPeople

Just Dreams Hawaii: It was my lifelong ambition to explore the deep blue ocean. I have gone snorkeling but to go on a submarine tour under the ocean is a different experience. Hawaii is my best and most preferred place to go on a sub tour since I want to experience the rich underwater world to make it memorable. I knew that it is a rare opportunity that comes only once and more than that I want to learn more about the marine life. I started my search online for someone who can offer me a great value and commitment to my spending vacation in Hawaii. Incidentally, I came across the Just Dreams Hawaii program while I was walking along the strip in Oahu and was excited to know about their experience undertaking Hawaii vacation programs for families across the world.




Just Dreams Hawaii

I ended up purchasing a package through Just Dreams Hawaii immediately. It was well organized because I didn’t have to wait for a long time on the dock in Lahaina Harbor. I was detailed about everything before getting into the submarine, which was quite clean. I grabbed my drink and some snacks before climbing down into the sub. Things changed quickly as we sunk low touching 100 feet deep. I looked wide-eyed through the window to catch every glimpse of the thing passing by. I saw many sharks, sea turtles, eels, small fishes and other sea creatures. The coral reefs were abundant and they looked astonishingly beautiful. The underwater journey took around 45 minutes.

The whole real experience enthralled me. I could not stop thinking about the sealife underwater. While mesmerizing the experience of my first sub tour, I vowed to return again for another trip through Just Dreams Hawaii, which made my first sub tour memorable.

Testimonial from Terry VanBooven
May 28th, 2013 by HappyPeople

A few months ago I was on a mission to find out whether or not Just Dreams Hawaii was a scam. My husband and I were in Waikiki and we were approached by a gentleman offering us free luau tickets to attend a sales presentation. He assured us it was not timeshare, and that all we had to do was watch a 90 min sales pitch on a web based travel company called Just Dreams.

Well, we were intrigued by the offer and saving $150 on luau tickets was appealing, so we went for it and signed up for the sales presentation 2 hours later. Fast forward 2 hours, and now we are checking in at the Just Dreams Showroom. We filled out a form, and walked into the presentation expecting to be in and out with our gifts without purchasing a thing. We were expecting it to be some b.s. overpriced spin on timeshare, and we weren’t really in any position to be dropping a bunch of dough on a timeshare.

Well, it turns out that the presentation was nothing like we expected. It was a very cool and innovative program, and it was unlike anything I had ever seen. My husband and I had been to a couple timeshare presentations before, and we weren’t ever very impressed with the timeshare or the price of the timeshare.  However, Just Dreams seemed to be extremely flexible and the price was super affordable.

My husband and I were really just trying to figure out what the catch was. We even asked the sales person what the catch was, and he gave us a very straight up answer. He said that there is just a ton of unused timeshare inventory, especially with this economy, and the timeshare companies and timeshare owners associations need a way to unload it.  If they did so through expedia or travelocity or a site like that, it would make their owners quite upset because they would see this timeshare that they paid up to 50k for being unloaded at deeply discounted rates. Because of that predicament, they would much rather sell them through a private offer like Just Dreams.

All said and done, we decided to give it a shot. It was quite inexpensive for what we were getting, and we figured it would push us to travel more. We felt good about our purchase and went home back to Missouri happy campers.

Then…, I got online, and things changed. I decide too look up Just Dreams Hawaii on google, and up pops this complaints board posting with some people expressing their unhappiness with the program. However, the postings were very strange because most of the people who were writing bad stuff didn’t purchase the product, and the ones who did claim they purchased were writing their posts in a very strange manner. They were overusing the term Just Dreams way too many times in a short post, it appeared they were trying to trick google into getting better ranking.

When I saw this, I immediately called one of my best friends who does search internet marketing, and had him take a look at it to see what he thought. After looking at it, he told me that it looked like obvious foul play. He said that in his 5 years of internet marketing he commonly sees this kind of behavior, where rival companies will pose as clients of their competitors and bad mouth like crazy. He told me that the way that the keywords were overused and placed properly on the complaints board posts, these were obviously not genuine clients. He told me he was 100% sure that.

Well, after getting lots of reassurance from my internet marketing friend, I felt better, but I knew I still would not feel fully reassured until after we took our first trip. Well, we just got back from our first trip using Just Dreams Vacations, and it went off without a hitch. We actually ended up going back to Hawaii with it, only this time we went to Maui and Kauai.  It was an absolutely incredible experience, and I can say in all honesty that the program did everything they said it would. We had to play with the dates a little bit, but in the end it worked out perfect and the savings was awesome.

I am so glad and grateful that I listened to my gut, and didn’t follow the naysayers on complaints site.  I am also super grateful that I had a friend who reassured me that the funny sounding posts on there were 100% Just Dreams competitors playing dirty, and not genuine owners of the product.

I can say I am extremely happy with the Just Dreams Company, and I am glad I bought their product. The 2 things that I like the most about Just Dreams is that the savings and quality of the accommodations is extraordinary, and it also really pushes you to travel more. Life is short, so I’m glad that I have extra motivation to see all the awesome places the word has to offer. =)

Review from Sam Ellis
May 28th, 2013 by HappyPeople

I just want to say thank you to Just Dreams for creating a product that is 10 times better than my timeshare at a fraction of the cost, you get a 5 star review from me.

I bought a timeshare several years ago for 19k, and it was a terrible purchase. Between association fees, maintenance, trading fees, and my monthly loan payment, it never made financial sense. In addition to that, I could never get where I wanted to go with my timeshare. It was the biggest pain in the butt I have ever encountered. The Just Dreams product I bought while I was at Waikiki Beach in Honolulu has been a blessing to my family. We basically paid for the entire program with the money we saved on our first Just Dreams trip to Coco Beach Florida. It is easy to use, and the availability is far better than my timeshare. It is also a fraction of the cost, and does not include all the crazy fees my timeshare does. Just Dreams gets positive reviews all the way around from me, keep up the good work!

Just Dreams of Honolulu, Hawaii Review
May 28th, 2013 by HappyPeople

If I went around and asked majority of the U.S. population what state they would most prefer to vacation to, I would put money on Hawaii being the most popular answer. Who wouldn’t want to vacation to locale that radiates sunshine and 85 degree weather all year long?

I reside in the midwest, Columbia, Missouri to be exact; where, for those of you who have not had the luxury of visiting this sophisticated town, has 5 long months of ice and cold, and the other 7 become a humidity stricken hell. Do not, I repeat, do not visit Columbia during the summer. You will melt. Go to Hawaii instead, like I do! The beaches, climate, mountains, local fare, culture, you name it, Hawaii has it all. That is why I choose to vacation there every summer with my lovely wife and four incredible kids. Before I was able to make this annual trip possible, I, like many Americans, had a very difficult time financing any sort of vacation.

The obstacles I ran into at the beginning of every summer were the 6 W’s: the who’s, whats, wheres, whens, whys, and hows. How in the world am I going to finance a vacation this size? And for who? (Not just me, but 5 other individuals. That is roughly $600 a head round-trip; multiply that by 6 and you have $3600 in airfare alone.) Where and when can we vacation that is affordable? What do my wife and I have to do to make this trip possible? Why do I keep doing this to myself and breaking the bank to take my family on a vacation?

Three summers ago, I received a very large bonus at work, and decided to put this money towards a family vacation to Hawaii. My kids had never been, and since I had the extra money that summer, I wanted to splurge and take my family somewhere great, somewhere magical: Hawaii.

I ended up booking the tickets for O’ahu, Hawaii, to stay in Waikiki for 7 nights. Before we arrived on the island, I pre-planned a night for my family and I to attend a traditional Hawaiian luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center. The tickets were pretty pricey, but it was definitely an experience I wanted my family and I to have.

A few days into our trip, my whole vacationing life changed dramatically. I was approached by an enthusiastic young man dressed in a colorful Aloha shirt, who asked me if I wanted half prices on tickets on a Blue Hawaiian helicopter tour. I had heard about this company before and I was ecstatic at his offer, but I wondered, what was the catch? What did I have to do in order to score such a great deal? He informed me that my family and I would need to attend a short presentation a few hours later that would explain in further detail about his company’s vacation club offerings. I was semi curious about this topic, but I just could not refuse his great deal on these 6 pricey tickets, so my family and I agreed to attend the presentation.

To my surprise, I left the presentation completely forgetting about those damn helicopter tour tickets. I was in awe at how unbelievably intriguing the presentation was; I had to learn more! Long story short, the company that the young man in the colorful Aloha shirt worked for, Just Dreams Hawaii, was a discount vacation club company that offered ridiculously incredible deals on top-of-the-line resorts and vacation rentals all over the world! Taking a family vacation has always been a yearly priority of mine; I save money every year for our summer holiday. I never even thought of investing in a vacation club company before. Boy was I silly for waiting this long to pursue this type of deal. Three years ago this summer I became a Just Dreams Hawaii customer. I could not be any happier with the product or the personnel. They offer unbeatable financing options and have given me and my family the opportunity to vacation to Hawaii the past two summers. We just booked another trip for the 4th of July this coming month, this time, we are traveling to one of the other Hawaiian islands: Maui.

For those of you out there scrounging for extra change to treat your family to an incredible trip, please, look no further than Just Dreams Hawaii. I’m no salesman, but I am telling you, this company is incredible! Going on a vacation has become easier than ever; there’s nothing to it! The Just Dreams staff assists with all of the necessary accommodations and you can access everything online. I am an IT guy, so having an online account and having the ability to access all of my vacation options and speak to the staff immediately is an IT guy’s dream come true. Just Dreams Hawaii is fantastic and truly makes my family and my Hawaiian dreams come true.

Gary Adler

Just Dreams Honolulu
May 28th, 2013 by HappyPeople

I absolutely love the accommodations Just Dreams Honolulu offers me. With the Just Dreams inventory, I have the option of choosing a 1, 2, or 3 bedroom condo at the same low price, no matter how many friends or family members I decide to bring, no matter the time of year.

I purchased the Just Dreams Hawaii program while I was on vacation in Waikiki, Hawaii. I am a college professor who lives on the east coast, and being single and having my summers open for vacationing has created quite a travel bug inside of me. I have visited everywhere imaginable in the world and have always enjoyed myself with one exception; I am usually vacationing by myself. For years I have invited friends and family to places like Hawaii, but it seems I am the only one who can afford to go on a yearly summer vacation. Decent hotels are expensive for groups because they charge per person.

When I saw the Just Dreams Honolulu, Hawaii presentation, I just knew it would solve all of my travel problems. I was able to use the program almost immediately; I booked vacation ten days after my purchase: a beachfront, 2 bedroom condo on Kauai for my birthday in December. It was so cheap and I knew my friends would be able to afford to come! I invited five friends, all who accepted since all they were in charge of was their airfare. Every single one of them was able to afford the price I got through Just Dreams Hawaii. When we arrived at our condo in Kauai, we had zero disappointments!  The condo was fully equipped with a kitchen, washer and dryer, 2 full bathrooms, and  even an open lanai with a barbecue pit! We had the time of our lives, hiking and barbecuing on the beach. The vacation was so affordable and such a hit with everyone on the trip that decided to book a Just Dreams Hawaii vacation every December from then on. Just Dreams transformed my solo travel to an incredible group trip to look forward to each year!  My friends and I are getting the chance to travel the world at an affordable rate because of Just Dreams Hawaii. They offer so many exotic locations at so many different times that taking a vacation has become a no brainer. Thank you Just Dreams Honolulu, Hawaii!

Just Dreams Hawaii: A Honeymoon In Paradise
May 28th, 2013 by HappyPeople

Reviews of Just Dreams Hawaii: My husband and I got married last June and for our honeymoon, my parents booked us a trip to Waikiki, Hawaii. It was the most beautiful, most magical trip of my life. I thought I could not be happier until he and I met a man offering us free helicopter tour tickets if we would attend one of his companyʼs sales presentations. In order to receive these tickets, we would have to attend the presentation.

Once we walked into the sales room, my eyes could not believe what we were seeing! The entire building was beautiful and just screamed paradise; I felt at home in the luxuriously tropical environment! I was thrilled to have agreed to attend the meeting. Twenty minutes after the meeting, my husband and I became Just Dreams Hawaii members.

I honestly could not believe this had all happened; we really were having our dreams come true in Hawaii! Not only was it our honeymoon, but we were introduced to a company that could help us relive our honeymoon experience year after year! The financing program, the enjoyable staff, and the Just Dreams software is mind blowing! I cannot thank Just Dreams Hawaii enough for how outstanding they have been to my husband and I.

I highly recommend the Just Dreams Hawaii product to every couples out there. My husband and I are putting off having children for several years because we want to explore the world, and with Just Dreams, we are able to do this for a fraction of the cost! I am so incredibly happy and am truly having my dreams come true thanks to Just Dreams Hawaii.

Just Dreams Hawaii: A Perfect Place For Partners
May 28th, 2013 by HappyPeople

Like many of the testimonials I have read, my partner and I also became Just Dreams Hawaii members while vacationing on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. He and I take an annual summer vacation and usually venture off to exotic and tropical destinations.

He and I were actually vacationing at the Turtle Bay Resort on the north shore of the island, and decided to spend a day in the hustle and bustle of Waikiki. We were shopping around Kalakaua Avenue when we were approached by a young man offering us discount activity tour tickets for the activity of our choice. He and I enjoy vacationing low key, with a drink in our hands while baking on the beach, but we decided to give it a shot and ended up receiving two discounted tickets for an unbelievable helicopter tour. In order to receive the tickets, like everyone else, we had to attend a sales presentation that the young gentleman’s company was performing later that afternoon.

To cut to the chase, the presentation we attended, the Just Dreams Hawaii presentation, was phenomenal. I honestly have nothing but positive feedback of the presentation and the Just Dreams Hawaii company.

The one aspect that had my partner and I were sold on was the financing option. He and I have extra money, hence the annual summer holiday, but it is refreshing to be able to make monthly payments rather than investing all at once.

Our Just Dreams Hawaii product has been nothing but exceptional to us. Since we became members last July, we have taken two incredible trips. We changed things up and used some of our vacation weeks for a 14-day Royal Caribbean, Mediterranean cruise! Let me just say that this cruise was the most unbelievable time of our lives! In addition, he and I just returned last month from another trip to the Hawaiian islands, this time we vacationed on the island of Kauai.

The entire process with the Just Dreams Hawaii software is simple and ready to use. My partner and I truly believe it is the greatest investment yet. Toward the end of August we are vacationing on the island of St. Martin in the Caribbean. This is a blessed company and they are truly making our little family’s dreams come true. Thank you Just Dreams Hawaii!

Just Dreams Hawaii – An Unforgettable Kayak tour in my Life
May 20th, 2013 by HappyPeople

I love adventure so this made me to freak out for a vacation in Hawaii. I chose to go on a kayaking tour. My imaginations of enjoying the rushing water ride in a kayak and having great fun were tickling my mind for a long time. So I decided to go for a kayaking tour with my friends.  We collected all the details online from Just Dreams Hawaii program and booked a 3-room beachside condo in Hawaii islands after going through Just Dreams Reviews.

We could avail the best discount on kayaking tour through Just Dreams Hawaii and set out for the thrilling and exciting tour. We got a wide range of options to select the activities in kayaking tour. One of my friends was a little worried and concerned about the safety. However, we could persuade him to join us and we found him quite excited after seeing the kayak. All our kayaks were well-equipped with rudder controls to improve fun and comfort paddling by means of the level on the ocean. I have never had the experience of cold weather or waves before.

Once we were on the water, we paddled hard. We reached the first snorkeling site after 30 minutes of paddling. We were provided with snorkeling gears so that those who were interested in snorkeling could go for it. We enjoyed the fun-filling and thrilling trip along the coastline of south Koala. The green sea turtles and the coral gardens were rocking our mind.  We saw a live coral reef and colorful fish in the 20 ft crystal clear green seawater.

After an enthralling snorkeling experience at the snorkeling site, we came out of the water to refresh ourselves with fresh fruit and Hawaiian styled juices. There we had common discussion on coral reef and its uniqueness. Then, we kayaked to the second snorkeling spot. All along the journey, we paddled hard with grit and determination to keep stride with bigger boats and better paddlers, but in vain. We finished all the five spots and paddled back to the ramp in high spirits mesmerizing the amazing things we saw underwater. Though we had heard of Just Dreams Scam and feared about it, we couldn’t find any forgery or scam there.

The Just Dreams Hawaii tour was very impressive and mind-blowing that we marked the day as the most enchanting day in our life.


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Just Dream Hawaii- An Incredible Hawaii Snuba Tour
May 19th, 2013 by HappyPeople

I have heard of snuba tours a lot but being a travel lover, I wish to experience it. So I decided to know more about snuba. Finding out information about snuba tours was not easy and when I was surfing the net, I stumbled on Just Dreams Hawaii software presentation. It was a whole new experience and I wanted to book my snuba trip with them. I really appreciate the software since I could book my tour through this program. I was not worried about Just Dreams Scam as I know it is a fake and fabricated idea.

By booking my snuba trip online through Just Dreams Hawaii program, I could understand and enjoy the concept of this adventure. Scuba and snorkeling in Maui and Hawaii trips are very adventurous!  I got discounts for snuba and snorkel trips and my trips were very thrilling and exciting. The snuba staff was excellent! He was very friendly and professional. I could learn a lot about marine life through him. But in Maui I felt I would have avoided the crowd since it made me a little uneasy. However, in Hawaii I was very careful to avoid the crowd and I really enjoyed my level of expertise in snuba diving.

While experiencing the thrills of snorkel adventure, I was really enjoying the underwater world securely, simply and closely. But I wanted to go beyond this experience and went for snuba tours in Hawaii too. The snuba experts connected me and my companion with an inflatable raft, and it followed us along the surface supporting us with our air tank; the raft allowed us to dive 20 ft deep in the ocean and I could enjoy the warmth of the underwater world. However, I was disappointed because I could not go to the reef because of the bad weather. It was a little windy, but I managed to go to a shelf in a bay area. I really had a good time when I saw some fishes and other marine creatures. Anyone above eight years old with good health can experience the thrills and riches of the underwater world in the deep ocean.  I am really thankful to Just Dreams Hawaii and Just Dream Reviews for giving me an opportunity to experience the marine life.

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